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Get affordable exposure for your business combined with a phone based, home based opportunity for people seeking to make extra income like never before.

We have developed a digital Advertising platform on WebsiteYellowPages.com that provides affordable advertising packages starting at $25, loaded with features and no extra cost.

We also combined our Advertising with an Affiliate, Referral, and MLM program. Join… Share… Earn…

We have a Revenue Share Program with all the positives and nothing negative.

We have dedicated a position to Charitable Contributions. This a life long business contribution. So no matter what feature you choose… To advertise yourself, an opportunity for extra income, or donating to a church, or business, or organization… the funds we generate will help us grow long term and give us the ability to continue to help others.


A platform with a digital Phone Based, Home Based Opportunity…
Any Time… Any Where…


“Build Your Dream by Helping others Build Their Dream”

Website Yellow Pages “Build Your Dream” Video



People seeking opportunity and extra income:

Share with businesses needing Advertising or people seeking Opportunity. The demand for both is high.

Get all the tools you need to grow and manage your new venture included with your advertising fee. No additional costs.

No Territory Restrictions… Build your Business Anywhere.

Receive your own Back office to track and manage advertisers and affiliates, along with Marketing Tools, etc.

Displays your Advertisers and Affiliate growth in your MLM display. Our forced matrix MLM is 5 wide by 10 levels deep. Up to 70% of every dollar is paid back to our affiliates through our MLM Revenue Share Program.

Receive Digital marketing tools to promote in a text, online, through social media, videos, and more,

Your own affiliate link WebsiteYellowPages.com/affiliateID that tracks all your leads as you share with others as you choose.

Share videos as seen here, and your unique affiliate link and more.

Your own banners linked to your affiliate ID to place on websites etc.

Advertising Banners

Opportunity Banners

Your own QR Code linking to WebsiteYellowPages.com with your Affiliate link:

Totally Automated…
Sign up, Advertise, Share…
Repeat and Grow.

If you are a person looking for extra income or an mlm opportunity… you need to review our Revenue Share Program.

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If you have any type of business or product to promote or advertise… you need what we have.

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We look forward to your growth, as well as ours as we introduce WebsiteYellowPages.com Advertising $ Opportunity throughout cities across the United States. We love what we do, in helping businesses grow, and providing opportunity to people. We are excited for all that join us in 2019 and in the future.

John Hale